The ‘Bábolna Sped' Transporting, Forwarding and Vehicle Repairing Ltd was founded on July 1st 1992. The company was privatized in an open tender in March 1996. In present days the company is owned 100 % by native private individuals. The fact that a certain number of the owners are personally taking part in the management's work is the guarantee of the company's long-term success.

The moving spirits of the company's activities are the continuous demands for technical rejuvenation and the mobilization of our intellectual resources in accordance with the needs of our clients and the demands of the market.

We have our own 18.000 square meter park with solid overlay, a 3.000 square meter repair shop, and a modern office-block providing informatics background. All these are making for a reliable and accountable service.

Our company has diversified its activities in order to provide an extensive range of services. Our activities are concentrated around the following:

  • Domestic and international transportation
  • Forwarding
  • Logistics services
  • Vehicle repair, MoT testing
  • Fuel and lubricant trade
  • Real estate utilization

Our vehicle pool meets the strictest UN ECE requirements concerning noise- and environmental pollution.

We own 62 semi-trailer trucks to fulfill international transportation tasks using conventional trailers.

All of our domestic transports are equipped with cellular phones, and abroad transports are secured with Internet-operated GPS-based satellite vehicle tracking system as well.

We offer our long-term partners the possibility of Internet access.

In our repair shop we undertake any type of utility vehicle's full-scale repairs, and provide MoT testing for 3.5-plus ton gross weight vehicles.

We introduced the ISO 9001:2008 rating system in October 1998, which guarantees the coordination, realization and control of service process.

We strive to maintain and strengthen our market competitiveness by operating our own petrol station, taking advantage of the potentialities of retail sale and of the benefits of wholesale purchase.

The fundamental principle of our management philosophy is focusing on our clients, and our well-trained, foreign language speaking colleagues are at your service.


Mr. László Buday

Chief Executive Office



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